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Knesset TV (home) Bitrate: 280K
The Knesset is the legislature of Israel. It offers live broadcast of parliamentary proceedings.
Genre: Parliament Language: Hebrew Style: LIVE

Channel 2 (Arutz 2) Bitrate: High
Channel 2 (ערוץ 2‎ / Arutz 2 / Arutz shtaim) is an Israeli commercial television channel owned and operated by Keshet Broadcasting. The live stream is available on Keshet's news and entertainment portal Mako.
Genre: General Language: Hebrew Style: LIVE

Israel Plus (Channel 9) Bitrate: 280K (sometimes offline)
Israle Plus is a cable and satellite television channel that primarily broadcasts in Russian language.
Genre: General Language: Russian Style: LIVE

The Shopping Channel (21.tv) Bitrate: 450K
Home shopping channel.
Genre: Shopping Language: Hebrew Style: LIVE

Rodnoy Telekanal (mirror) Bitrate: 270K
Rodnoy Telekanal (Телеканал Родной) is a Russian-language television station for Russian-speaking people living in Israel. The headquarters is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Genre: General Language: Russian Style: LIVE

Jewish News One (JN1) Bitrate: High
Jewish News One ( JN1) is a 24-hour news channel that covers world news with a focus on Judaism-related events. The headquarters is located in Brussels, Belgium and Kiev, Ukraine.
Genre: News Language: English, Russian Style: LIVE

Infolive.TV (home) Bitrate: High
INFOLIVE.TV is an internet TV station offering recorded news in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.
Genre: News Language: English, etc Style: VOD

Jerusalem Online Bitrate: High
Jerusalem Online is an online news website that offers English news videos broadcast on Channel 2 (Arutz 2).
Genre: News Language: English Style: VOD

Arutz Sheva (home) Bitrate: High
Arutz Sheva (Israel National News / INNTV) is an internet television station offering online streaming television programs in English and Hebrew.
Videos in English Videos in Hebrew
Genre: News, etc. Language: English, Hebrew Style: VOD

MSN Video Bitrate: High
Offers general news and enterteinment topics in Hebrew language.
Genre: News, etc. Language: Hebrew Style: VOD

Walla! - News Videos (home) Bitrate: High
Walla! is an Israeli web portal. News videos are available online.
Genre: News Language: Hebrew Style: VOD

IFBN Bitrate: 270K
Inspired Faith Broadcasting Network (IFBN) is an English-language Christian broadcaster based in Kiryat Yam, Haifa District.
Genre: Religious Language: Hebrew Style: LIVE

Kabbalah TV Bitrate: 640K (in English)
Kabbalah learning channel.
TV in Hebrew TV in English TV in Russian TV in Spanish
TV in German TV in French TV in Italian
Genre: Religious Language: En, He, Ru, Es, De Style: LIVE

HaSulam TV Bitrate: 100K
A Jewish TV.
Genre: Religious Language: Hebrew Style: LIVE

God TV Bitrate: High (God TV - UK)
God TV is a Christian television station headquartered in Jerusalem, Israel. The station commenced broadcasting in the UK as the Christian Channel Europe.
God TV - United Kingdom High (LIVE)
God TV - United States High (LIVE)
God TV - Australia High (LIVE)
God TV - Special Events High (LIVE)
God TV - Africa High (LIVE)
God TV - Asia High (LIVE)
God TV - The Prayer Room High (LIVE)
Genre: Religious Language: English Style: LIVE

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