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RTP Bitrate: High (RTP Informação)
Rádio e Televisão de Portugal (RTP) is the Portuguese public broadcaster headquartered in Lisbon.
RTP Informação (News / Current Affairs) High (LIVE)
RTP 1 (General Programming) High (LIVE) - sometimes off-air
RTP 2 (Culture / Education / Children) High (LIVE)
RTP Mobile (for Mobile Devices) High (LIVE)
RTP Memória (Classic RTP, etc.) High (LIVE)
RTP Açores (for the Azores Islands) High (LIVE)
RTP Madeira (for the Madeira Islands) High (LIVE)
RTP África (for African Communities) High (LIVE)
RTP Internacional (International Ch.) High (LIVE) - sometimes off-air
Genre: General Language: Portuguese Style: LIVE

Económico TV (ETV) Bitrate: High
Económico TV (ETV / E') is a business and financial news channel.
Genre: Business Language: Portuguese Style: LIVE

Euronews Português Bitrate: High (Click on "PLAY" button)
Euronews Português is a Portuguese-language news channel headquartered in Lyon, France.
Genre: News Language: Portuguese Style: LIVE

TVI Bitrate: High
Televisão Independente (TVI) is a commercial television station. News videos are available online.
TVI - Vídeos (News Videos) High (VOD)
TVI 24 - Vídeos (News Videos) High (VOD)
Genre: News, etc. Language: Portuguese Style: VOD

ARtv (canal PARLAMENTO) Bitrate: High / 240K
Live broadcast from the Assembleia da República (Assembly of the Republic).
Genre: Parliament Language: Portuguese Style: LIVE

TV Ciência Bitrate: High / 1.1M
TV Ciência is a science news channel. Archived videos (science-related videos) are also available online.
Genre: Science Language: Portuguese Style: LIVE

Regiões TV (RTV) Bitrate: High
Regiões TV (RTV) is a cable television channel based in Porto, Norte Region.
Genre: General (Regional) Language: Portuguese Style: LIVE

TV Porto Bitrate: High
TV Porto is a government-access television station run by the City of Porto.
Genre: Public TV (Local) Language: Portuguese Style: LIVE

Tv Fátima Bitrate: High (Webcam)
TV Fátima is a local television station based in Fátima, Centro Region. It offers live webcam of "Our Lady of Fátima". News videos are also available online.
Genre: News (Local), Cam Language: Portuguese Style: LIVE / VOD

Lusophonie TV Bitrate: 330K / 330K / 330K
Lusophonie TV is a web TV station for Lusophone people (Portuguese-speaking people) in France. The headquarters is located in Lyon, France.
Genre: Variety Language: Portuguese, French Style: LIVE

Hi-Life TV (linkrot) Bitrate: High / 1.0M
- Offers entertainment programming.
Genre: Entertainment Language: Portuguese Style: LIVE

ManáSat Bitrate: High (TV Maná 1)
ManáSat is a Christian broadcaster owned and operated by Igreja Maná.
TV Maná 1 (in Portuguese) 500K (LIVE)
Kurios TV (in Portuguese) 500K (LIVE)
Basta Crer (in Portuguese) 500K (LIVE)
TV Maná-Brasil (in Portuguese) 500K (LIVE)
TV Maná-Argentina (in Spanish) 400K (LIVE)
TV Maná-Espanhol (in Spanish) 500K (LIVE)
TV Maná-Ingles (in English) 500K (LIVE)
TV Maná-Frances (in French) 500K (LIVE)
TV Maná-Moçambique (in Portuguese) 350K (LIVE)
Genre: Religious Language: Portuguese Style: LIVE

Enlace Portugal Bitrate: High
Enlace Portugal is a Christian TV station based in Elvas (in Centro Alentejo / Portalegre) .
Genre: Religious Language: Portuguese Style: LIVE

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