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Myanmar Newspapers in Myanmar / Current Time

DVB Bitrate: High / High
Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB / DVB TV) is a non-profit media organization that broadcasts aimed at providing uncensored news and information about Burma. It is based in Oslo, Norway. Archived news videos (in English) are also available online.
Genre: News Language: Burmese, English Style: LIVE / VOD

Myanmar International TV Bitrate:  T High
Myanmar International Television is a state-owned English-language television channel based in Yangon, Myanmar.
Genre: General Language: Burmese Style: LIVE

MRTV-3 (home) Bitrate: 270K
Myanmar Radio and Television 3 (MRTV-3) is a state-owned TV station. Archived videos (news, drama, etc.) are available online.
Genre: News, Drama, etc. Language: Burmese, English Style: VOD

MRTV-4 (home) Bitrate: High
Myanmar Radio and Television 4 (MRTV-4) is a Burmese state-owned television station. Archived videos (entertainment videos) are available online.
Genre: Entertainment Language: Burmese Style: VOD