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ETV Bitrate: High / High / High / High
Ethiopian Television (ETV) is a nationwide television channel run by Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency (ERTA), the government-owned broadcasting organization.
Live Stream High / High / Hi / Hi (LIVE)
News Videos (on YouTube) High (VOD)
Genre: General Language: Am, En, Oromo Style: LIVE / VOD

TV Oromia Bitrate: High
TV Oromia (TV Oromiyaa / TVO) is a public television station broadcasting in Oromo and Amharic languages. It is run by Oromia Radio and Television Organization (ORTO).
Genre: General (Regional) Language: Oromo, Am Style: LIVE

ESTV (linkrot) Bitrate: High
Ethiopian Somali TV (ESTV) is a Somali-language television station in Ethiopia.
Genre: General Language: Somali Style: LIVE

Esinaya 1 Bitrate: High
Esinaya 1 provides Ethiopian music videos on YouTube.
Genre: Music Language: Amharic, Om Style: VOD

Elshaddai Television Network Bitrate: High
Elshaddai Television Network (ETN) is an Amharic-language Christian television channel based in London.
Genre: Religion Language: Amharic Style: LIVE