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Benin Newspapers in Benin / Current Time

LC2 International (NTV 2) Speed: 270K / 270K
La Chaine 2 International (LC2 International / NTV 2) is a terrestrial and satellite television channel for the French-speaking African countries (Francophone African countries).
Genre: General Language: French Style: LIVE

Canal 3 Monde Speed: 880K
Canal 3 Monde (Canal 3 Benin) is a general entertainment television station in Benin.
Genre: General Language: French Style: LIVE

ORTB (home) Bitrate: High
Office de Radiodiffusion et Télévision du Bénin (ORTB / ORTB Télévision nationale) is the government-owned broadcaster headquartered in Cotonou. News videos are available online.
Genre: News, etc. Language: French Style: VOD